Love stories, war movies, short pics and Angelina Jolie’s directorial debut are set to unspool:

Country: Russia
Directors: Alexey Mizgirev and Pavel Lungin
Logline: Mizgirev’s screenplay, screening in Panorama, turns on a day in the life of prisoner transports in Moscow. What could go wrong?

“Everybody in our Family”
Country: Romania/Netherlands
Director: Radu Jude
Logline: This Forum pic by the helmer of “The Happiest Girl in the World” is billed as a war movie set in an apartment by Bucharest producer HiFilm.

“Hungary 2011”
Country: Hungary
Logline: Showing off the best short-form work of 11 helmers, both masters and emerging talents, screens within Berlinale Shorts, offering much-anticipated new work from the “Godfather” of Hungarian cinema, Miklos Jancso.

“In the Land of Blood and Honey”
Country: USA
Director: Angelina Jolie
Logline: The thesp’s directorial debut, a Sarajevo-set love story shot in Hungary and Bosnia, transpires during the Balkan war, features many real survivors of the sieges and portrays a Bosnian Serb who encounters a past love, who is Muslim and now a prisoner in a camp he is overseeing. Screening out of competish in Forum.

“Jayne Mansfield’s Car”
Country: Russia/USA
Director: Billy Bob Thornton
Logline: The 1960s-set story of two families, British and American, brought together by the death of a woman who was the center of both, starring Thornton, Robert Duvall, John Hurt and Kevin Bacon, is a unique collaboration with Russian producers.

“Just the Wind”
Country: Hungary/Germany/France
Director: Bence Fliegauf
Logline: Sold to Match Factory, this story of a Roma family targeted by racists follows up his acclaimed 2010 pic “Womb” and 2004 Berlinale aud prize winner “Dealer.”

Country: Greece/Germany
Director: Spiros Stathoulopoulos
Logline: Stathoulopoulos, who won attention at Cannes in 2007 for his one-shot 85-minute film following a human time bomb, “Pvc-1,” is back in Forum with a story of a monk who lusts after a nun.

“Mustafa’s Sweet Dreams”
Country: Greece
Director: Angelos Abazoglou
Logline: Screening in the Generation section focusing on children and youth pics, this story of a Turkish baklava seller with dreams of breaking into the bigtime sweets biz is a uniquely hopeful example of Greek/U.K. partnership.

“A Night Too Young”
Country: Czech Republic/Slovenia
Director: Olmo Omerzu
Logline: This Prague film school thesis pic, screening in Forum, tells of two adolescent boys and their tryst with a female teacher in a plot pulled from Czech headlines.

“The Parade”
Country: Serbia
Director: Srdjan Dragojevic
Logline: Screening as a Panorama Special, this comedy that gives the Belgrade criminal underground a nice role in a risky gay parade in Belgrade has attracted heaps of attention back home.

Country: Poland/Germany/France
Director: Malgorzata Szumowska
Logline: This Juliette Binoche-starrer, screening in the Panorama section, centers on a journalist covering prostitution among students.

Country: Russia
Director: Andrey Gryazev
Logline: This Forum documetary by the headline-grabbing Russian street art group provocateurs Voina, said to have been once bailed out of jail by noted street artist Banksy, is bound to fascinate.

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