A sampling of the international titles at this year’s EFM

“As Luck Would Have It”
Director: Alex de la Iglesia
Producers: Andres Vicente Gomez, Ximo Perez
Cast: Salma Hayek, Jose Mota, Fernando Tejero
Logline: Hayek co-stars in de la Iglesia’s satirical drama, Spanish feature adaptation of a Randy Feldman script.
Sales: 6 Sales

“Call Girl”
Director: Mikael Marcimain
Producers: Mimmi Spang, Garage Film
Cast: Pernilla August, David Dencik, Sven Nordinv
Logline: TV helmer Mikael Marcimain (“Wallander”) makes his feature debut with a thriller based on a politics and prostitution scandal in 1970s Sweden.
Sales: TrustNordisk

The Drummer
Director: Randall Miller
Producers: Randall Miller, Jody Savin, Brad Rosenberger, James William Guercio, Don Mandrik, Carl Wilson, Jennifer Wilson
Cast: Aaron Eckhart
Logline: Biopic of late Beach Boys drummer Dennis Wilson.
Sales: W2 Media

“Fin” (The End)
Director: Jorge Torregrossa
Producers: Fernando Bovaira, Enrique Lopez Lavigne, Mercedes Gamero
Cast: Maribel Verdu, Daniel Grao, Clara Lago
Logline: Thriller penned by “Cell 211” and “The Orphanage” writers.
Sales: Film Factory Entertainment

“Half Revolution”
Directors: Omar Shargawi, Karim El Hakim
Producer: Carsten Holst
Logline: Docu, which played at Sundance, follows a group of friends participating in the protests in Cairo’s Tahrir Square in January and February 2011.
Sales: LevelK

Hector and the Search for Happiness
Director: Peter Chelsom
Producers: Judy Tossell, Jens Meurer, Wild Bunch
Cast: TBD
Logline: Adaptation of the novel “Hector and the Search for Happiness,” by Francois Lelord.
Sales: Solution Entertainment Group

Director: Tobias Lindholm
Producers: Tomas Radoor, Rene Ezra, Nordisk Film (Denmark)
Cast: Pilou Asbaek, Soren Malling, Dar Salim
Logline: When a cargo ship is captured by Somali pirates, the head of the shipping company has to engage in a psychological game with the hostage-takers to bring the seamen home safely.
Sales: TrustNordisk

“The Legend of Kaspar Hauser”
Director: Davide Manuli
Producer: Blue Film
Cast: Vincent Gallo, Claudia Gerini
Logline: Adaptation of the 19th century Teutonic foundling story transposed to Sardinia. Gallo plays two roles: The Pusher, for which he speaks Italian, and the Sheriff, in English.
Sales: Intramovies

Director: Andrew Levitas
Producer: Andrea Stone-Brokaw, Cary Brokaw
Cast: TBD
Logline: Estranged from his family, Jonathan receives word that his father, Robert, who has been fighting illness for over a decade, has chosen to take his own life in less than 48 hours.
Sales: Radiant Films Intl.

“Me and You” (Io e te)
Director: Bernardo Bertolucci
Producer: Mario Gianani
Cast: Tea Falco, Iacopo Olmo Antinori
Logline: Intimate coming-of-ager about an introverted 14-year-old boy and his older sister who is strung-out on heroin. Pic marks Bertolucci’s return to the directors’ chair after nine years.
Sales: HanWay

“Side Effects”
Director: Steven Soderbergh
Producers: Lorenzo di Bonaventura, Gregory Jacobs, Scott Z. Burns
Cast: TBD
Logline: A depressed woman whose husband is in prison takes large amounts of prescription drugs, which leads her to forge a relationship with her doctor.
Sales: FilmNation Entertainment

Director: Ben Wheatley
Producers: Nira Park, Claire Jones, Andrew Starke
Cast: Alice Lowe, Steve Oram
Logline: Black comedy follows a couple who embark on a journey around Blighty in a caravan before bad luck and meddling mothers ruin the ride and things begin to take a darker turn.
Sales: Protagonist Pictures

Director: Joshua Boone
Producer: Judy Cairo
Cast: Greg Kinnear, Jennifer Connelly
Logline: An acclaimed novelist’s relationship with his ex-wife, collegiate daughter and teenage son are examined in a single, tumultuous year.
Sales: Solution Entertainment Group

Director: Cao Hamburger
Producer: O2
Cast: Felipe Camargo, Caio Blat, Joao Miguel, Maria Flor.
Logline: Biopic of the Villas Boas brothers, Brazilian frontier explorers, lensed in the Xingu reserve with hundreds of native extras. In Panorama.
Sales: Rezo