Eric Lagesse’s Paris-based shingle Pyramide Intl. has closed sales on Ilmar Raag’s”Une Estonienne Paris” (“A Lady in Paris”), a Locarno standout, to major territories.

Deals include Germany/Austria (Arsenal), Australia/New Zealand (Rialto), Japan (Cetera) and Switzerland (Xenix).

Sales were signed on the heels of Locarno, where the film won the Ecumenical nod. Lucero Garzon, Pyramide Intl. head of sales, said the Locarno win helped lure buyers.

“We received many offers for each territory we closed; and that seldom happens with French arthouse films,” said Garzon.

The exec added that her team is in negotiations with buyers from the U.S., Argentina and Israel.

“Paris” stars French vet thesp vet Jeanne Moreau, Patrick Pineau and Estonian actress Laine Magi. Inspired by the journey of Raag’s own mother, the uplifting comedy-drama turns on a middle-aged divorced Estonian woman (Magi) who moves to Paris where she starts a new life and cares for a rich elderly Estonian lady (Moreau).

Raag co-penned the script with Agnes Feuvre and Lise Macheboeuf. It’s produced by Milena Poylo and Gilles Sacuto at TS Prods. and Riina Sildos at Amrion Prods.

Raag last directed” The Class,” a critically acclaimed thriller centering on a high school murder.

Pyramide Distribution will roll out “Paris” in France on Dec. 26.