Amara Karan will play the lead role in comedy “Jadoo,” the second film from “Resistance” director Amit Gupta.

“Jadoo” is a $3 million comedy about two feuding brothers who run rival curry houses, each using half of the family cookbook.

Karan plays the daughter, a high-flying corporate lawyer, who decides to heal the rift by asking both her father and her uncle to cook together for a her wedding to a man from a very different background.

Veteran cinematographer Roger Pratt has also joined the team for “Jadoo,” which is set in his home town of Leicester in the English Midlands. He was Oscar-nominated for “The End of the Affair,” and his other lensing credits include “Brazil,” “Batman” and two Harry Potter movies.

The film, which starts shooting in March, is fully financed by private equity following the model pioneered for “Resistance.” Producers are Amanda Faber, Isebelle Georgeaux and Richard Holmes of AIR Prods, with Nikki Parrott from Tigerlily.

Karan will next be seen in Nigel Cole’s upcoming “All in Good Time,” and previously starred in “The Darjeeling Limited.”