Markus Imboden, director of Swiss box office hit “The Foster Boy,” is prepping “Am Hang,” based on Markus Werner’s bestseller.

Produced by Zurich-based Maximage, the drama revolves around two men who coincidentally meet in a restaurant but who have more in common than it seems.

Imboden is currently enjoying huge success in his native Switzerland with “The Foster Boy.” The C-Films production has so far garnered $3.6 million, making it the most successful local film in the past five years.

Max Hubacher, one of European Film Promotion’s Shooting Stars this year at Berlin, toplines in the 1950s-set pic, about a boy who is taken from his parents and sent to work on a farm as a “Verdingbub,” or contract child. Film is based on the many true stories of this practice.

Imboden is also set for “The Face,” a postwar thriller penned by U.S. scribe J. Frank James and produced by Rene Asch, who is also overseeing “Bones of the Wise Men,” also set in postwar Germany, from a script by James.