Nigel Sinclair
Co-chairman/CEO Exclusive Media Group
“I think at every market there are going to be buyers from every territory that have a checkbook and want to buy product. Considering what’s going on in Europe’s financial climate, it’s remarkable that EFM remains solid. Movies with stars and movies that trend toward excellence will sell well. Films that sit in the $20 million-$25 million budget range are popular in the market as it’s enough money to have good production quality and interested buyers from any given territory.”

Carl Clifton
Head of sales and marketing, K5 Intl.
“The independent market is pretty robust for the right product as Cannes demonstrated last year. Five or six films at $100 million, or close to it, being pre-bought paints a healthy picture at one end of the scale but modestly priced films with strong names work too. Genre titles with a decent cast and budgets under $10 million, for example, can do very nicely. The middle ground is so broad a term now that it’s almost become meaningless. But pack a good story with the right level cast and a budget that is sufficient to deliver the production value needed, but not excessive, and the film will sell.”

Stuart Ford
CEO, IM Global
“Buyers want movies that can drive television sales. In most major territories buyers are buying fewer TV movies than before so now they are looking at movies that have meaningful theatrical potential and movies that can get a broadcaster. I think we’re all hoping and expecting that when VOD platforms in international territories become slightly more reliable, this will hopefully inject confidence into the marketplace.”

Patrick Wachsberger
Co-chairman/president of Summit Entertainment and CEO of Summit Intl.
“In terms of product out there, I believe that because of release costs going up and the decline in the international DVD market, buyers are going to be more selective in terms of what they buy. They are going to use every argument possible to bring the prices down whether it be the (decline in the) TV business or the weaker euro. The reality is that if you have the right movie, a strong theatrical movie, business will get done in Berlin.”

Mimi Steinbauer
Radiant Films
“I think we’re seeing the repercussions of the economic crisis in Europe in terms of what it looks like. People are looking very carefully at projects. Box office is still strong in many parts of Europe, but I still think people are looking for good theatrical product. In the last two to three years, we’ve seen that buyers are being more careful about what they pick up in terms of a pre-buy. But the buyers are absolutely there and will continue to be there.”