Hong Kong Intl. Film Festival executive director Roger Garcia gives Variety’s Clifford Coonan his assessment of the Hong Kong biz as it heads into its annual gathering.

Variety: Tell me, what can we expect from the HKIFF this year?
Roger Garcia: “We are on a steady course to present our regular mix of the best in world cinema, cutting-edge films, auteur works, tributes and restored classics among others.

“As a festival, we try to offer our audience a program that shows some of the trends in world cinema, a regional focus and films that are not so accessible to our local audiences.”

V: How would you describe the state of the Hong Kong film business right now?
RG: “I would say it’s relatively stable, no big shocks. My main concern is that we have the right tools in place to help and encourage the next generation of Hong Kong filmmakers. This is critical for the industry, it needs a creative pipeline.”

V: How do you see Hong Kong’s film business developing?
RG: “It’s a work in progress in the best sense of the term. The business is working out how to keep one foot in China and one foot at home.

“Hong Kong filmmakers are resilient and adaptable and they can succeed in making films that can appeal to the China market, the Hong Kong market and overseas buyers. It’s just that it may not always be the same film!”

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