Having closed the U.S. with Gkids, Ignacio Ferreras’ 2D toon pic “Wrinkles” has clinched further primo markets for an arthouse toon: France and the U.K.

Sold by 6 Sales, “Wrinkles” won a special mention – an effective jury runner-up prize – last Saturday at France’s Annecy Festival.

A senior citizen buddy movie adapting a comic book by Spain’s Paco Roca, “Wrinkles” has closed an all U.K. rights deal with Manga Entertainment, a subsid of Starz Media.

“Wrinkles” will see a limited theatrical release in London and select regional screens under Manga’s sister label, Anchor Bay Entertainment, said Manga Ent.’s acquisitions-marketing head, Jerome Mazandarani, who negotiated the purchase.

Bac Films has acquired all French rights. It plans an end-of-January release, around the Angouleme Comic Book Festival, said Bac’s acquisitions-business affairs exec, Veronique Crasset.

Bac enjoyed breakout success this January with French senior citizen drama, “And If We All Lived Together?” which grossed €3.3 million ($4.1 million). It plans employing similar gross-roots marketing on “Wrinkles,” per Crasset.

“We always believed ‘Wrinkles’ would do great in France. The comic is published there and the French public has great and eclectic taste,” said 6 Sales partner Marina Fuentes.

Canada (A-Z Films), Russia and former CIS (Ruscico), Latin America (HBO), China (HGC Ent.), and Poland (Adyton Intl.) have also sold. Japan is under negotiations.

Produced by Perro Verde Films and Cromosoma, “Wrinkles” was shortlisted for 2012’s Academy Awards, won two Spanish Academy Goyas, and helped Perro Verde win European Producer of the Year at March’s Cartoon Movie.