Michael Biehn has joined forces with director Xavier Gens to produce three grindhouse films, launching the partnership with “The Farm.”

Pic is being produced by Jennifer Blanc Biehn, Michel Teicher and Avi Federgreen of Federgreen Entertainment/Indiecan Entertainment. Shooting is set to begin in early next year in Canada.

Project was announced Wednesday at Cannes with pre-sales launched. Chiller Film, the genre arm of Aspect Film, will represent all three titles as part of a deal announced with Blanc Biehn Prods. in February.

Biehn and Gens worked together previously on “The Divide.”

“The Farm” centers on a veteran who returns to Texas and must fight his inner demons to save his farm not merely from a greedy corporation but also a horror that threatens to devour the American heartland. Cast includes Danielle Harris, Jennifer Blanc, Michael Eklund, Ivan Gonzalez and Courtney B. Vance.

Also slated for production under the Biehn/Gens partnership is “Up and Down,” directed by Carlo Rizzo, and “The Predicator,” directed by Greg Morin.

Blanc Biehn Prods. produced the grindhouse film “The Victim,” which co-stars Danielle Harris and is slated for a late summer theatrical release through Anchor Bay Films.

Gens plans to shoot “Cold Skin” and a French gangster film before he begins lensing “The Farm.”