For most foreign shoots in Berlin, post-production has not been a significant issue, as few if any stay around after the shooting ends. As the Medienboard does not offer a separate post-production fund, there would be no subsidy funding to support a film coming in specifically for that purpose unless included as part of overall production funding. That being said, Berlin offers two major post- production facilities: CinePostproduction (formerly Geyer Lab) and Arri Film & TV, which offer a range of services, including negative developing, digital scanning and color correction, and world-class editing and post facilities — also with 3D capabilities.

As digital tools create new efficiencies, both companies have now positioned themselves as on-set/on-location digital production support. Crews of up to five or six workd at data wrangling, processing of raw data, secure backup, quality control supervision, as well as depth alignment monitoring for 3D. Both companies have mobile units for screening and on-set color timing and 3D sweetening — CinePostproduction with an actual projection room, while Arri uses large-format monitors calibrated to match their in-house facility or parallel locations.

While Arri itself is the manufacturer of the Alexa, CinePostproduction was one of the first in the world to do extensive testing and workflow development for the Red camera. But both companies support all formats, and offer extensive testing and quality control, both before and during production, as well as managing compatibility between primary and mixed format secondary cameras.

Each offers its own proprietary system for remote — or worldwide — viewing of dailies, edited sequences and vfx. Production clients logging into the system can get direct and searchable access to their material, with various features for viewing, commenting and sharing. CinePostproduction’s Copra works exclusively for the iPad, while Arri’s Webgate can be accessed on multiple platforms and devices.

Both Arri and CinePostproduction have facilities in most major regions in Germany, allowing for sharing of facilities and manpower, as well as making them viable for the various regional subsidies. Both are major players for 3D production.

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