Poland’s Alvernia Studios is upping its game with plans for co-producing international English-language features that are ready to shoot this year.

The studios, situated in a former radio broadcasting complex near Krakow in southern Poland, is run by charismatic media entrepreneur Stanislaw Tyczynski.

Tyczynski has been building up a fund to give the studios leverage in co-producing movies that could be shot at its studios or on location in Poland and Central Europe using its experienced, English-speaking crews.

The studios are considered Poland’s most modern, with facilities that include a spherical blue-screen soundstage and a scoring studio.

Studio development exec Anna Rozalska says Alvernia is looking to attract European or international English-language projects as it widens its scope to include production.

“With its mobile shooting equipment and camp, no borders are limits,” Rozalska says. “We are ready to shoot a project this year anywhere in Europe or on our soundstages.”

Studio brass says all post-production can be handled by Alvernia, including DI, VFX, sound editorial and score recording, Rozalska adds.

Developed exclusively with finance from private investments, unlike most Polish studios, Alvernia did not emerge from the old communist-era state system.

Tyczynski believes that gives the studio an edge when dealing with foreign producers used to commercially driven projects and partners who understand the need for flexibility and “can do” attitudes.

The modern complex includes three sound studios, a Dolby Premier certified dubbing theater and 4K scanning and grading capability.

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