“Cheerful Weather for the Wedding”
Rising thesps Luke Treadaway and Felicity Jones star in this dysfunctional wedding comedy. Co-starring Elizabeth McGovern. (UTA)

“First Winter”
A group of Brooklyn hipsters stranded in a remote country farmhouse struggle to survive when their food supply dwindles. (Ghost Robot)

“Free Samples”
This quirky L.A. comedy follows a Stanford Law school dropout (Jess Weixler) experiencing a quarter-life crisis. Also stars Jesse Eisenberg and Jason Ritter. (Preferred Content)

“The Girl”
David Riker (“La Ciudad”) directs this drama about a single mother (Abbie Cornish) who, after losing her job and custody of her son, begins smuggling illegal immigrants over the border. (Goldcrest Films)

Vet doc makers Ricki Stern and Annie Sundberg (“Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work”) recount the trials and triumphs of two knuckleball pitchers, the Red Sox’s Tim Wakefield and the Mets’ R.A. Dickey. (Cinetic Media)

The Playroom
John Hawkes and Molly Parker play husband and wife in this drama about betrayals and lies in a 1970s American suburban family. (Bill Straus)

A home invasion thriller about a “perfect” family whose vacation is violently interrupted by neighbors on a murderous mission to steal the identity of their victims. Stars Selma Blair. (Turtles Crossing)

“Revenge for Jolly”
A recognizable cast, including Elijah Wood, Kristen Wiig, Adam Brody and Ryan Phillippe, appear in this violent comedy about a man (Brian Petsos) seeking to avenge the death of his beloved dog. (UTA)

“Struck by Lightning”
From “Saved!” director Brian Dannelly comes this comic story of a young man (“Glee’s” Chris Colfer) who narrates the last few weeks of his life as an outspoken high school senior in a small town. (ICM/Traction Media)

“Unit 7”
A Spanish police thriller about a group of corrupt cops in Seville on a mission to oust the city’s most vicious drug trafficking ring. (Film Factory Entertainment)

“While We Were Here”
Kate Bosworth stars as a writer on vacation in Italy with her English husband who starts an affair with a younger man (heartthrob Jamie Blackley). Presented in black-and-white; a color version is also being shopped. (WME)

“Whole Lotta Sole”
This madcap Irish crime comedy from Terry George (“Hotel Rwanda”) stars Brendan Fraser as a young father who robs a local fish market to pay off his debt to a local gangster. (WME)

Israeli director Eytan Fox (“Walk on Water”) tells the story of a closeted gay man whose chance encounter with a group of soldiers ignites his desire to live a more open fulfilling life. (Films Distribution)

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