While Arc Entertainment’s Latino-targeted historical drama “For Greater Glory” landed in the weekend’s top 10 with $1.9 million, it failed to attain true grandeur, considering its release at more than 750 domestic locations.

The pic, which toplines Andy Garcia and Eva Longoria, bowed aggressively June 8, hoping to take advantage of the fact the weekend featured only one wide studio release, “Snow White and the Huntsman.”

But “Glory” wound up somewhat tainted compared with the openings of similar films targeting Hispanic audiences, such as Will Ferrell’s March 16 release “Casa de mi padre,” like “Glory,” also R-rated. “Casa,” distributed by Lionsgate Latino label Pantelion, earned $2.3 million at fewer than 400 Stateside engagements. However, “Casa” benefited from the star power of Ferrell and his social-media network, as well as the support of Pantelion, which had marginal success last month with the Eva Mendes-toplined “Girl in Progress.” That pic carried a PG-13 rating and opened to $1.4 million at 322 locations.

Though “For Greater Glory” saw a fairly aggressive marketing push, the film marked a tricky sell to a broad audience. The pic, which co-stars Peter O’Toole and is helmed by visual effects maven Dean Wright, chronicles the Cristeros War, from 1926-1929 — a rebellion against the Mexican government’s attempt the secularize the country.

While it’s unlikely “Glory” will grow much domestically after opening weekend, the film could gain steam in Mexico, where Fox is distributing. Arc scaled back the film’s Stateside location count to 642 on June 8.