Girls-night-out fueled a solid $2.1 million midnight gross for “Magic Mike” on Thursday at approximately 1,100 locations.

The Warner Bros. male stripper pic’s midnight tally, which will be added to Friday’s grosses, signals an expected frontloaded start for the film, as mostly female fans of Channing Tatum and company boost opening day sales. Saturday typically is occupied by couples, a major driver for one of the weekend’s other wide released “Ted.”

There are no direct comparisons for “Magic Mike” — and few that are indirect.

Warner’s “Sex and the City” similarly drew a sizable girls-night-out crowd, though that pic benefited from pre-awareness from the HBO show. The same could be said for its sequel, which rang up $3 million from midnights during Memorial Day weekend 2010.

“Magic Mike” is projected to gross this weekend somewhere in the mid-to-high teens, with a possible low-$20 million upside.