A pair of new entries can’t keep “The Dark Knight Rises” down at the domestic B.O., adding another $10.4 million on its third Friday in theaters.

The Warner Bros. actioner is headed for a three-day sum north of $30 million, which would rep a respectable fall of between 40% and 45% from last weekend, besting expectations for another summer tentpole, Sony’s “Total Recall.” A redo of 1990’s Paul Verhoeven-helmed R-rated “Recall,” this iteration earned $9.2 million its opening day, a modest sum for a pic budgeted in the vicinity of $125 million.

Insiders are anticipating a full weekend return for the film around $25 million, which ramps up the pressure to perform in major int’l markets, the most notable of which won’t get it until next frame. Meanwhile, domestically “The Bourne Legacy” unspools next weekend and is expected to pull eyes from both “Recall” and “TDKR,” ending the streak that has so far cumed $328.6 million for the WB pic.

Also this weekend, Fox rolled out “Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days,” the third installment of the “Diary” franchise and the first to open in the summer. Pic grossed $5.9 million Friday, which will mean a slightly more modest opening than previous installments. The kid demo tends to hit theaters bigger on Saturday and Sunday than Friday, so “Dog Days” should see a noticeable uptick from this figure, but an expected three-day in the mid- or high-teens won’t pose a threat to the tentpoles contending for first and second.

However, if “TDKR” is any indication, “Recall” and “Dog Days” can both look forward to propped up midweek numbers courtesy of decreased interest in flocking to plexes over the weekend, meaning attractive legs until more highly anticipated fare enters the fray.