Continuing its lead at the domestic box office, Disney becomes the first studio this year to reach $1 billion in Stateside grosses — in just 188 days, no less. That’s a new record for the studio, beating its previous 210-day pace set in 2010.

This year, Disney also was first to reach $1 billion in overseas grosses by mid-May for its 18th straight year, marking the longest-running streak among the majors.

The Mouse has been leading in global marketshare ever since the studio kicked off summer with B.O. behemoth “The Avengers.” The No. 3-grossing film of all time so far, “Avengers” has amassed $611.1 million domestically, with a worldwide tally of $1.45 billion.

Other top 2012 grossers for the Mouse include “Brave,” which is just shy of hitting $175 million, and “Beauty and the Beast” in 3D, at $47.6 million. And despite causing Disney to report a $200 million first-quarter loss, “John Carter” currently stands as the Mouse’s third-highest grossing film this year, with $73 million domestically.

Sony and Universal have been competing neck-and-neck for second place over the past month, with the former studio currently having a near $20 million domestic lead. Both majors will cross $900 million by early this week.

Tied for fourth, Warner Bros. and Lionsgate-Summit have amassed at around $650 million each, followed by Fox ($580 million) and Paramount ($540 million).