Thanks to its $31 million seven-day opening in China, Warner Bros.’ “The Dark Knight Rises” became this year’s second title after “The Avengers” to cross $1 billion at the worldwide box office.

“Dark Knight Rises,” which so far has earned nearly $578 million internationally, marks the 13th title to reach the billion-dollar distinction, just ahead of “The Dark Knight’s” $1.003 billion global tally in 2008.

“Rises” hit $1.01 billion globally with revised grosses Monday.

The Batpic’s Chinese gross came in slightly higher than reported on Sunday, at $28.5 million. The film’s revised weekend figure could even be higher, since China Film won’t release its official figures until Tuesday locally.

Sony’s “The Amazing Spider-Man,” meanwhile, won the head-to-head battle with “Dark Knight Rises” in China, earning an estimated $33.7 million. That was enough to lift Spidey’s overseas cume to north of $475 million, for a global gross of $735 million.

“Avengers” reached $1.5 billion this weekend, because of its Stateside re-release.