Despite a muted $30.2 million domestic bow, “John Carter” gave Disney reason for some optimism internationally, scoring $67.1 million from 55 day-and-date overseas territories over the March 9-11 weekend.

The $250 million sci-fi tentpole faces a steep incline toward profitability, with an added nine-figure marketing spend. But the international marketplace, of which approximately 80% already has released the film, provides a faint glint of a silver lining as “Carter” continues to stretch its legs. Pic tallied $81.7 million through March 14 internationally.

“Overall, the film’s performance in Asia and Latin America has been the biggest highlight, outside of Russia,” says Dave Hollis, exec VP of motion pictures sales and distribution for Disney.

In Russia, “Carter” tallied a fantastic $16.8 million, marking the country’s biggest debut weekend so far this year, as well as the highest opening-day take ever locally. France was a distant second for the film, tallying $4.3 million, while a handful of other key territories each contributed just north of $3 million.

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One Spanish booker describes the tentpole’s local $2.6 million weekend perf, saying, “It’s not a bad figure, but neither is it spectacular.”

That was the prevailing sentiment for “Carter” throughout Europe.

Hong Kong — a strong predicator for China, where “Carter” bowed March 16 — grossed just shy of $1 million, or 1.5% of the film’s total weekend tally. That’s a much higher share of the overall take for similar tentpoles released in Hong Kong, and represents a promising indication of what’s to come on the lucrative mainland.

Emilio Mayorga in Barcelona contributed to this report.