Domestic audiences failed to show much support for “Rock of Ages” and “That’s My Boy” over the June 15-17 sesh, but looking at the two pics’ midweek numbers, it’s clear that the domestic gross of Sony’s Adam Sandler laffer looks poised to eclipse Warner Bros.’ rock-‘n’-roll ensembler.

“Rock of Ages” started its Stateside run with an underwhelming $14.4 million, followed closely by “That’s My Boy,” which grossed $13.5 million during its opening frame. “Rock” reached $19.4 million domestically though June 20 vs. $19 million for “Boy.”

The rate at which the Sandler comedy caught up to “Rock” is somewhat surprising, considering the Warner pic played best with over-25 women, the top demographic for midweek grosses. By comparison, “Boy” skewed slightly toward men, but still had a considerable female turnout.

Auds also gave “Rock” a B CinemaScore rating, compared with “Boy,” which received an overall B-.

Though opening-week auds seemed to like “Rock” slightly better than “Boy,” Sandler pics tend to have sturdy legs domestically. Even the thesp’s critically panned “Jack and Jill” cumed nearly three times its $25 million opening, eventually earning $74 million Stateside. “Boy,” however, is R-rated, which could be one reason why it’s playing better than the PG-13 “Rock” midweek, thanks to the support of adult auds, which tend to outnumber families over that time period.

Both pics faced tough competish in their second outings: Male-targeted “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” bowed wide June 22, alongside female-skewing Disney-Pixar toon “Brave.”