Zwick & Herskovitz: WGA TV Award honorees

WGA Awards 2012

Edward Zwick and Marshall Herskovitz wear many hats — they write, direct and produce for both TV and film. Their contributions to television include the groundbreaking “Thirtysomething,” cult hit “My So-Called Life” and “Once and Again.”

They have been writing partners since college and realized early on that “writing was our ticket into the business,” says Herskovitz.

“As much as we always wanted to direct or produce, we began as writers and we remain writers. Throwing our bodies over the writing in any circumstance is the thing that we know is most important,” Zwick adds.

Their close relationship was cemented while the pair were writing the 1987 pilot for “Thirtysomething.”

“Had either one of us done (“Thirtysomething”) alone, we might not have been so open to the other voices. I think it gave us the security to allow other voices into the mix,” says Herskovitz.

Zwick adds, “We find that it’s so much easier to slay the dragons and fight the battles when you have somebody at your back. Also, you only have to write half as many words.”

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