Though “American Horror Story” grabbed the bulk of the publicity, ABC arguably made the even bolder move in this year’s Emmy competition by entering canceled series “The River” and “Missing” in the 2012 movie-miniseries races. Neither of the latter two shows had any intention of reinventing themselves had they been renewed for subsequent seasons, the way “AHS” did, yet Ashley Judd of “Missing” came away with a lead actress nomination. 

That raises the question of whether “Last Resort” or “666 Park Avenue,” each of which the Alphabet net decided today to end after 13 episodes, might similarly make bids for miniseries kudos.  The shows got solid reviews, “Last Resort” in particular and lead actor Andre Braugher most of all.

If it’s too soon to get an answer, it’s not too soon to speculate — or for the TV Academy to determine whether they want to cut off this kind of migration. There’s some logic in allowing it — especially if the shows find their way to some kind of conclusion — but there’s undertandably lots of sentiment against a move that seems to violate the spirit of the categories.

(“Made in Jersey” fans, fantasize at will.)