The big boss, Rupert Murdoch, was in the house Sunday at Fox’s afterparty, where there was much to celebrate after big wins for Searchlight’s “The Descendants” and 20th TV skeins “Homeland,” “Modern Family” and “American Horror Story.”

Michael Fassbender puffed on a giant cigar indoors — a subtle reminder, perhaps, that George Clooney has now made two references in two recent acceptance speeches (first at NBR, then at the Globes) to the “Shame” actor’s anatomy.

So how was Sunday night different than any other Golden Globes night, for awards regular Searchlight?

“Every time it’s a fresh experience because you’re with different filmmakers, different actors, different writers, different people that have toiled so hard on these films,” said Searchlight’s Nancy Utley, who attended the party along with co-prexy Steve Gilula. “Every time, it’s extremely important to get the work recognized.”