While Janelle Monae kept the NBCUniversal party jumping, elsewhere in the Beverly Hilton things were a bit more sedate. Sony held its party in the hotel’s Stardust Room on the eighth floor, where a slight traffic jam in the doorway caused Seth Rogen to take one look, pose for two photos and bounce right back down the private elevators and on to the next party. Amy Pascal hit the fete early, joining Jodie Foster and her sons for a quick nibble on the dim sum and Mediterranean fare. And the Sony family affair kept going as Viggo Mortensen and his son Henry unfurled a huge San Lorenzo de Almagro soccer banner; it seems the duo is so obsessed with that Argentinean team that they carry their flag wherever they roam.

Rooney Mara kept close to David Fincher’s side, except when he was deep in conversation with Tilda Swinton. And what were the two forces behind 2011’s most disturbing and violent films talking about? Murder, of course.