A 20% tax rebate on local spend, due to take effect this summer, should boost production, with Film Center Serbia estimating annual foreign production spending to rise to $30 million a year.

Serbia, a member of Eurimages since 2005, now produces about 20 films a year with up to half being co-productions with neighboring countries and European partners including Austria, Germany, France and Sweden.

PFI Studios, just 20 minutes from downtown Belgrade, features nine studios and large backlot. The complex includes a new 3,900-sq.-ft. green stage.

The post-production scene includes CineLab, a newly built studio, Digitalkraft and Crater Studio, which have both worked with U.S. productions.

The number of vfx artists with international experience has grown dramatically in the past couple of years in Serbia as vfx companies increasingly service international clients.

Serbian vfx specialists have worked on “The Other Guys” and “Shark Night” and on television commercials for major brands including Coca-Cola, Davidoff, Kinder and MasterCard.

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