Sarah Paulson on John Hawkes in ‘The Sessions’

SAG Preview: Actors on Actors - Paulson on Hawkes

John Hawkes is the greatest acting partner I’ve never had. I’ve been in three different projects with him, but have actually never had the pleasure of sharing any scenes with him.

I found myself sneaking around all three of those sets asking those who did get to play scenes with him what it was like and what they had learned from acting with him.

The most common response was: “I’ve never worked with someone who was more present,” and for me that’s the only thing that matters.

John’s performance in “The Sessions” is the most crystalline example of this, and was a master class on the importance of listening. No one is better at honoring the truth of the character than John.

Even if I only continue to be in the same movies with him — without any shared scenes — I will still be one of the luckiest actors alive, because I can sneak around to watch the monitor and learn from an actor who quite simply cannot tell a lie.

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