Poland’s efficient and effective system of film industry support, the revolving fund managed by the Polish Film Institute (PFI), continues to ensure a steady stream local movies and international co-productions.

The institute’s 2012 budget of $37 million is drawn from a national cinema and audiovisual industry tax. Recent international co-productions supported include Roman Polanski’s “Carnage” and Agnieszka Holland’s “In Darkness.”

A secondary source of funding and support can be found in a network of Polish regional funds that has developed alongside the PFI.

Currently, there are three film commissions in Poland: in the Malopolska and Silesia regions and in the city of Lodz, well-known as home to a film school and range of studios and production companies.

Two more commissions, in Lower Silesia and Wielkopolska and eight film offices are also being set up.

A new body, the Polish Film Commission, has recently been established specifically to help international productions shooting in Poland and promote the country as a location, and touting highly professional level of cinematographers, multi-lingual crews, state-of-the-art production facilities and competitive pricing.

Studios & facilities

Alvernia studios: Alvernia Studios, located near Krakow in southern Poland, is one of the country’s most modern production facilities, with two 21,500 square-foot soundstages, and houses what’s touted as the world’s largest spherical shadeless bluescreen, and a raft of technical labs and services. Studio has built up an investment fund to back its own projects.

Others: Other studios include ATM Grupa, a group of eight companies specializing in film and TV production with five studios in Warsaw that include 16,000-square-foot soundstage; Lodz Centrum Filmowe, one the largest studios in Poland with more than 150,000 costumes including military uniforms and country’s largest inventory of weaponry props; and Warsaw’s WFDiF studio, Poland’s largest studio, responsible for producing and financing around 10 features and documentaries annually.

Post & vfx

Leading companies include Warsaw’s the Chimney Pot, part of the Swedish group with offices worldwide, and Platige Image.

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