Players, talent call attention to country’s creative growth spurt

Cannes Daily Spotlight 2012: Polish Cinema

Poland’s growing success on the international stage is stoking a creative boom with the appearance of strong new production companies and talent.

The country’s internationally renowned director, 86-year-old Andrzej Wajda, continues to collaborate with one of Poland’s leading outfits, Akson Studio.

Directors of note from the younger generation include Lukasz Barczyk, who recently joined Kadr Film Studio as its artistic director. Barczyk is working on a feature with the provisional title “Soyer.”

Kadr is working on “You Are God” by Leszek Dawid, whose 2011 debut, “Ki,” also impressed critics worldwide. The film is based on a story of Polish hip-hop band Paktofonika.

Other names and companies worthy of attention:

Filmpolis, founded by Katowice Film School graduate, Agata Szymanska. Her producer credits include “It Looks Pretty From a Distance” directed by Anka Sasnal and Polish painter Wilhelm Sasnal.

Federico Film, run by siblings Marta Laryssa Plucinska and Pawel Plucinski.

MD4 (Mental Disorder 4) set up by Agnieszka Kurzydlo. The company works with Zentropa, whose local division co-produced “Antichrist,” “The Woman Who Dreamt of a Man” and “Elles.”

Talent to watch includes:

Jakub Gierszal, Poland’s EFP Shooting Star 2012, who appeared in Jan Komasa’s “Suicide Room”

Magda Berus (“Baby Blues,” “Lasting”)

Julia Kijowska (“In Darkness,” “Love”)

Joanna Kulig (“Elles,” “The Woman in the Fifth”)

Mateusz Kosciukiewicz (“Nowhere,” “Shameless”)

Cannes Daily Spotlight 2012: Polish Cinema
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