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Spotlight: Chile

Director: Nicolas Lopez
Produced by: Sobras Intl. Pictures, Vertebra, Eli Roth
Why Care: Lopez’ English-language debut, this earthquake thriller was co-written by Eli Roth, who also stars. In post.
Sales: Film Nation

Director: Marcelo Ferrari
Produced by: Invercine, Buen Puerto
Why Care: Ferrari’s second pic after debut hit “Subterra.” Biopic about magic realist Chilean writer Maria Luisa Bombal.
Sales: Primer Plano

Director: Andres Mardones
Produced by: Parox
Why Care: Crisis-of-conscience drama set in Chile’s Evangelical South stars Daniel Hendler. In development.

Caleuche, El Llamado Del Mar
Director: Jorge Olguin
Produced by: Olguin Films, ChileFilms
Why Care: Effects-heavy fantasy horror pic stars Catalina Saavedra and Giselle Itie. Buena Vista Int’l holds Latin American rights. In post.

Director: Jorge Olguin
Produced by: Olguin Films, Hollywood Studios Intl. (HSI), Visualbox
Why Care: This horror-fantasy hybrid is Chile’s first live-action 3D pic, in English and indigenous language, Mapundungun. In preproduction.
Sales: HSI Films

Director: Sebastian Lelio
Produced by: Fabula, Muchas Gracias
Why Care: By the helmer of 2011 Locarno entry “Year of the Tiger,” and 2009 Cannes Directors Fortnight entry “Navidad.”
Sales: Fabula

Director: Andres Waissbluth
Produced by: Invercine, Rhayuela (Colombia)
Why Care: Upcoming co-production with Colombian shingle Rhayuela (El Paramo) about iconic Chilean folksingers the Parra brothers.

La Noche De Enfrente
Director: Raul Ruiz
Produced by: Suricato, Margo Films (France)
Why Care: The late Ruiz’s last pic about a retiree waiting for his death bows in Directors Fortnight.

La Vina
Director: James Katz
Produced by: Andy SA, La Vina SA, Southern Lights
Why Care: American tourists stumble upon the horrific secrets of a vineyard in English/Spanish-language pic penned by Oscar Torres (“Innocent Voices”).

Leche Materna
Director: Sebastian Lelio
Produced by: Invercine, Canana (Mexico)
Why Care: A girl’s belief that God impregnated her throws her village into turmoil. “The Maid’s” Catalina Saavedra stars.

Director: Pablo Larrain
Produced by: Fabula
Why Care: Directors Fortnight entry from powerhouse shingle co-produced with Participant Media, starring Gael Garcia Bernal.
Sales: Funny Balloons

Director: Alvaro Viguera
Produced by: La Santa, Forastero
Why Care: An emotionally brutal father-daughter confrontation earned fans via a rough cut shown at Ventana Sur.

Radiestesia (Dowsing)
Director: Jairo Boisier
Produced by: Zapik Films, Forastero
Why Care: A woman discovers her ability to find subterranean water in this 2012 Cannes Residence selection. In development.
Sales: Zapik Films, Forastero

R. Lorena
Director: Isidora Marras
Produced by: Forastero, L90 Cine Digital, Don Quijote Films
Why Care: Helmer’s feature debut is produced by “The Maid’s” Gregorio Gonzalez. Follows a young actress with a stolen identity. In pre-production.
Sales: Forastero

Sex Life of Plants
Director: Sebastian Brahm
Produced by: Escala Humana
Why Care: Selected for Australab-Puentes 2012, pic follows a horticulturist whose brilliant fiance loses half his IQ in an accident that might be her fault.
Sales: Escala Humana

The Future
Director: Alicia Scherson
Produced by: Jirafa, La Ventura, Movimento (Italy), Pandora (Germany), Astronauta (Spain), Jaleo (Spain)
Why Care: Rutger Hauer stars in story of two teens whose lives are in turmoil after a car accident kills their parents. In post.

The Passion of Michelangelo
Director: Esteban Larrain
Produced by: Piranha Films, Arte France, Tchin-Tchin Prod. (France), Primer Plano (Argentina).
Why Care: Larrain’s soph film centers on a priest investigating a religious phenomenon during Pinochet’s regime. Cannes Cinefondation Residence participant.
Sales: Films Boutique

The Princess
Director: Marialy Rivas
Produced by: Fabula
Why Care: Rivas’ second pic, hot off of his Sundance writing win for “Young & Wild.” Sundance Lab participant in June.

The Quispe Girls
Director: Sebastian Sepulveda
Produced by: Fabula, Dolce Vita Films
Why Care: Catalina Saavedra and Francisca Gavilan star in take on Andean shepherd sisters’ suicide. Guadalajara Co-production Meeting winner. In post.

The Retiree
Director: Jairo Boisier
Produced by: Zapik Films
Why Care: Belfort Film Fest work-in-progress winner stars Catalina Saavedra. A 30-year-old porn actress tries to readjust when she goes home to retire.
Sales: Rendez-Vous Pictures

The Summer of Flying Fish
Director: Marcela Said
Produced by: Jirafa, Cinemadefacto (France)
Why Care: A man takes extreme measures to eradicate the pesky carp in his family lagoon. Berlinale Co-production Market participant, Fonds Sud-backed.

Through the Keyhole
Director: Mateo Iribarren
Produced by: Zapik Films
Why Care: “Tony Manero” scribe’s directorial debut. On the verge of blindness, a man learns that love can also come unexpectedly. In pre-production.
Sales: Zapik Films

Verano (Summer)
Director: Jose Luis Torres Levia
Produced by: La Ventura Prods.
Why Care: Produced by Alicia Scherson (“The Future”), pic reaffirms Levia’s place as one of Chile’s more fascinating helmers.

Violeta Went to Heaven
Director: Andres Wood
Produced by: Wood Prods., Maiz, Bossa Nova
Why Care: Warts-and-all bio of folk singer Violeta Parra won World Cinema jury prize at Sundance 2012.
Sales: Latido

Young & Wild
Director: Marialy Rivas
Produced by: Fabula, Elle Driver
Why Care: Sexed-up comedy chronicling a bisexual teen blogger’s angst won Sundance screenplay prize and played Berlinale.
Sales: Elle Driver

Spotlight: Chile
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