No original songs at the Oscarcast? GASP! Why, they haven’t done that since … since uh … since last year, and the year before. So is the possibility that they won’t feature the two nominated songs this year really an EXCLUSIVE? (That post was updated to say the telecast wasn’t locked and anything is possible come Oscar night, but — of course they’re going to say that).

What’s more, nine films have been nominated for best picture, and each has to be given the same amount of time in the show — no wonder Brian Grazer and Don Mischer are looking for every way possible to cut time. We’ll be lucky if the ceremony finishes in four hours.

And anyway, the original song category has been fading in and out for a decade at the Oscars. You have to go all the way back to “Titanic” to find a song that’s inextricably linked to the movie.

And that’s not an “exclusive” — that’s a trend.