New rules tweak song, foreign, vfx categories

Awards Season Launch: The Best Picture Race

As is the case each year, the Academy has made a few subtle tweaks to the Oscars rulebook.

In the original song category, the executive committee may recommend a fourth songwriter to receive awards credit on a song. This marks a subtle shift from the previous rule (amended in 2005), which stated that up to two songwriters could be eligible per song with a third songwriter added only if found to be an essentially equal contributor. The change, however, notes that a fourth songwriter can only be added in “rare and extraordinary circumstances.”

Pics looking for consideration in the foreign-language film category will still have to be submitted in 35mm or DCP form, but the Acad no longer requires that they be exhibited in those formats in their countries of origin.

Meanwhile, nominees in the visual-effects category will now be chosen from a pool of 10 films decided via secret ballot by that branch’s executive commitee. Previously, anywhere from seven to 10 productions could be put forward for consideration by the committee.

Lastly, the makeup category award will now be referred to as the makeup and hairstyling award; in addition, all branch members who have seen the seven shortlisted titles may indicate their top three choices for nominations.

Award Season Launch: The Best Picture Race
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