“Anna Karenina” director
“On film, because of the way he looks, he’s usually asked to be the handsome suave character who gets the girl, but there’s a lot more to him than that. He’s an incredibly versatile actor. I’ve always really enjoyed his character roles, and his theater work is particularly extraordinary.

“He’s one of the most professional actors I’ve ever worked with. He brings none of the kind of starriness one might expect. We spent three weeks in rehearsals with the entire company, including people who only have one line, and he is incredibly egalitarian and really mucks in. Maybe that comes from his background in theater. With some actors you can really tell they have done their time in theater, and understand the collaborative nature of that.

“Often with actors like Jude who are partly known for their sex appeal, when they hit 40, they embark on a whole new phase of their career, which allows them to really engage with the strength of their craft, and less with the sex appeal, the celebrity or any of that rubbish.”

“Anna Karenina” producer
“It was a calculated decision by Jude to take the part in ‘Anna Karenina,’ accepting that he’s moving forward to a slightly different place in his career. In a character part, he brings believability. He’s a very good actor in the right part. There’s a sensitivity and an emotional quality to his work which is rare in British actors. He’s also very famous. On the red carpet with Keira Knightley and Aaron Johnson, he’s the one whose name everyone calls.”

“Sherlock Holmes” and “Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows” director
“Jude has been nothing but a creative pleasure to work with. An intelligent actor with a vast breadth of skills. He managed to retain an enthusiasm for the work that is contagious and inspiring. Please, can we have more of him?”

“Wilde” producer
“We knew that to make this film work, we had to understand, the first time we see Bosie, why Oscar Wilde would give up his family, burgeoning career and standing in society for him, because he was completely overwhelmed. Even the straight men in the audience had to get it. When Jude came to audition, as I opened the front door, I remember looking at him and thinking, you’ll be it then, before he even opened his mouth.”

British Independent Film Awards 2012
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