Ten days until Thanksgiving …

— The wonderful Disney short “Paperman” that precedes screenings of “Wreck-It Ralph” is among 10 pieces on the shortlist for Academy Awards animation short consideration

Peter Bart spoke to Norman Lloyd about the recent screen portrayals of Alfred Hitchock:

… I met Hitch, as he was called, on several occasions (he died in 1980)
and enjoyed three or four meals with him (he had a superb chef at the
ready). The man I met was portly (to say the least) but had sparkling
eyes, a delightfully sardonic sense of humor and bore no relation in
manner or personality to the whiny filmmaker depicted in the two movies
(Anthony Hopkins and Toby Jones played Hitchcock).

Baffled, I
asked my friend Norman Lloyd to confirm my recollections of the man.
Lloyd had acted in several Hitchcock movies and directed 25 of his
suspenseful television dramas.

According to Lloyd, who is precise
and sharp-witted at age 98, the revisionist depiction of Hitchcock is
bizarre. The subplot about the “Alma affair” was “absurd,” he contends,
and the Tippi Hedren melodrama was “basically bullshit.” …

— Rob Ashford will provide musical staging and choreography for the 85th Academy

— Actresses Mariska Hargitay and Lucy Liu, filmmaker Lisa F. Jackson and
We TV topper Kim Martin will receive honors at the 32nd annual Muse Awards from New York Women in Film and
Television. In addition, the Loreen Arbus Award will go to Debra
Zimmerman, exec director of Women Make

— Jonathan Demme will receive the Cinema Audio Society Filmmaker nod at the CAS Awards on Feb. 16.

— American Cinematheque chairman Rick Nicita will present the org’s 2012 Sydney Pollack Award to Chicago
International Film Festival founder and artistic director Michael Kutza prior to Thursday’s gala honoring Ben Stiller.

— The 57th annual
Samuel Goldwyn Writing Awards recognizing excellence in dramatic writing were awarded to Alaric Alexander
Smeets (first prize), George Larkin (second prize), Stephen Wolf (third prize), Kathleen Coggshall (first honorable mention) and Marissa Matteo (second honorable mention).        

— Here’s a 13-minute featurette on the sound of “Flight.”

— Together again: David Letterman is interviewing Oprah Winfrey at Ball State on Nov. 26.