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MOSCOW — Hungary has selected Bence Fliegauf’s disturbing story of modern day murder squads targeting Roma families, “Just the Wind,” to be its entry for the foreign-language film Oscar.

The film is based on the cold-blooded killings of six Roma families in Hungary between 2008-2009, when murder squads set fire to houses before gunning down the occupants as they tried to escape.

It picked up a Silver Bear in Berlin and screens next week in Toronto’s Contemporary World Cinema section.

The co-production between Hungary’s Inforg-M&M Film, Germany’s The Post Republic and France’s Paprika Films is repped for international sales by The Match Factory.

Fliegauf film, his fifth, was chosen by a committee that included directors Peter Gardos and Lajos Koltai, producer Peter Miskolczi and Andrew Vajna, the Budapest-born Hollywood producer who is now Hungary’s film commissioner.

Fliegauf, who also wrote, co-produced, scored and art-directed the movie, used non-professional actors drawn from Hungary’s Roma community to add realism to the story.