Gemma Arterton on Bradley Cooper in ‘Silver Linings Playbook’

SAG Preview: Actors on Actors - Arterton on Cooper

The first view of Bradley Cooper in “Silver Linings Playbook” is of his back while he reads a letter. We hear his thick Philly-accented voice and then he turns to us, into an in-your-face closeup, and a new Bradley Cooper is revealed.

Obviously, we see the character of Pat, with his scarred nose and buzz cut, but it is also the director saying, “introducing Bradley Cooper as you’ve never seen him before!” And he’d be right.

Cooper’s Pat suffers from bi-polar disorder. He is erratic, blunt, passionate, beautifully innocent, volatile. We see Cooper at his most instinctive. He’s totally working off-the-cuff.

I was told that the movie was shot in thirtysomething days, so you can imagine that for Cooper it was a total KBS situation (a British phrase: kick, bollock and scramble; “Aaagh! We don’t have time. Just bloody get on with it”).

The KBS situation totally lends itself to the character: unapologetically real and in the moment. This is particularly thrilling to watch. We fall in love with Pat. For all his unpredictabilities and unconventionalities, we are rooting for him.

He is the perfect combination of fragile and strong; the winning heart-melting formula (men take note). He can also sort of dance, which is also adorable. I’m so excited to see where Bradley Cooper’s career will go from here. His performance in ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ is extraordinary and one of those mile stones/glitzy award winning/generally lauded and adored achievements that will catapult him into magnificence. He deserves all of it.

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