Gabourey Sidibe on Suraj Sharma in ‘Life of Pi’

SAG Preview: Actors on Actors - Sidibe on Sharma

Among the beautiful scenery in the film “Life of Pi,” I have to say that the most beautiful thing to see is the breathtaking performance of Suraj Sharma. To know that his performance is actually a debut makes it that more astounding.

This performance is as strong as any I’ve seen from longtime leading men who are now in their 60s. Suraj’s courage and emotion, shown in every frame of his screen time, is riveting and heartbreaking; I never took my eyes off of him.

From his frantic search for his family on a drowning ship, to dodging the fierce claws of a CGI tiger, I felt fear, hope, sorrow and jubilation in every flicker of his eyes. This kind of talent isn’t taught; it lived within him, and watching this film is an invitation to watch that talent flourish and bloom.

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