FLMy chat with Academy foreign-language committee co-heads Bruce Davis and Ron Yerxa is live at Variety as part of our foreign-language focus. The piece begins as follows …

If it’s hard to be completely satisfied with the Oscars’
foreign-language category, it’s harder still, say the new leaders of the
foreign-lingo committee, to come up with a better alternative.

selection process for this wing of the Oscars frequently comes under
criticism for its shortcomings. An article in the Nov. 12-18 edition of
weekly Variety describes the angst in the awards community over the
sheer number of films to see. But in their first interview with Variety
since becoming foreign-language committee co-heads, Bruce Davis (the
former AMPAS exec director) and Ron Yerxa said they believe the category
is in healthy shape overall and creates a level playing field for

“We get accused very often of making the wrong
choices, but I don’t think anyone has suggested the system isn’t pretty
fair,” Davis said. …

Read the rest of the piece here, and then check out the rest of the Variety foreign-language fun today, including capsules on all 71 official contenders:

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