It seems so long ago to me now, but it’s only been 9 1/2 months since Jane Lynch’s turn at hosting the Primetime Emmys began with this opening number. Clocking in at eight long minutes, it stands out more for its production values (the logistics must have been a nightmare) than its overall substance, falling short of the whiz-bang awesomeness of the Jimmy Fallon-led “Born to Run” of 2010. 

That said, it’s all worth it for the brilliantly scripted stop at the “Mad Men” shop, about 4 1/2 minutes in. Still, someone should have realized by the time they’re going to throwback dancers at the 7:00 mark that this thing needed a major trim, however game Lynch was for anything and everything.

In contrast, here’s “Born to Run.” I’m not ashamed to say that by the time they take the stage for the climax, I get chills. Such a fine line between what sings and what sinks.