As with other Scandinavian countries, there are no direct tax incentives for the film industry, but Finland does boast a range of funds and regional support that help attract international productions and support local film.

There are funds for international co-productions at the Finnish Film Foundation, regional support, a refund on VAT tax and, for Finnish companies, access to extensive R&D funding. Gaming company Rovio — behind the hit Angry Birds — has benefited from this support. Some support from Finnish broadcasters and no government austerity programs helps the mix.

Newest and biggest studio is Logomo in the regional city of Turku, where a massive former industrial area is being developed as Finland’s newest center for cultural, creative and business events.

Finland houses many sophisticated computer graphics and vfx houses, including Gemerator Post and Fake Graphics.

Industry body Favex is set to host a brunch session in Cannes focusing on Finnish pre-post & CGI and VFX companies and services.

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