“6 Points About Emma”
Production: La Mirada
Sightless Emma desperately wants to be a mother, but can’t find the right father.
Sales: Imagina

“A Gun in Each Hand”
Production: Imposible Films
Cesc Gay returns with all-star ensemble comedy.
Sales: The Match Factory

“As Luck Would Have It”
Production: La Ferme Prod, Alfresco Ent., Trivision
Alex de la Iglesia’s satirical drama sees Salma Hayek and Jose Mota trying to find the spark of life.
Sales: 6 Sales

Production: Arcadia Motion Pictures
Pablo Berger’s (“Torremolinos ’73”) homage to silent movies, starring Maribel Verdu and Daniel Gimenez Cacho.
Sales: Dreamcatchers

“Brain Drain 2”
Production: Antena 3 Films/Charanga Films/Estudios Hackenbush
Spain’s best brains head for Harvard in spoof sequel.
Sales: DeAPlaneta

“Carmen Amaya”
Production: Rodar y Rodar
Producer Mar Targarona to direct flamenco dancer Sara Baras in lush, Spanish-lingo love story.

Production: Amapola Films/Oria Films/Zentropa Spain
Paula Ortiz’s feature debut portrays lives of three generations of women.
Sales: Vertice

“Cold Call”
Production: Maestranza Films
Antonio Dechent won Malaga nod for searching perf as a Spanish Willy Loman in Xavi Puebla’s failed-salesman drama.

“Dream and Silence”
Production: Fresdeval Films/Balthazar Prod/Wanda Films
Jaime Rosales (“The Hours of the Day”) returns to Directors’ Fortnight with Maria de Medeiros starrer.

Production: Nostromo/Kineology
Carles Torrens chiller sees parapsychologists investigate strange goings-on in apartment.
Sales: Kinology

Production: La Voz Que Yo Amo/Colomo Producciones
Hard-hitting debut sees Isabel do Campo in drama about Peruvian immigrant tricked into sex industry.
Sales: Imagina

“An Enemy”
Production: Rhombus Media/Microscope/Roxbury Pics/Mecanismo Films
Jake Gyllenhaal plays man pursuing look-alike in edgy Canada/Spain co-production. Denis Villeneuve (“Incendies”) helms.
Sales: Pathe

“Foosball 3D”
Production: Plural/Jempesa/A3 Films/Canal Plus
Juan Jose Campanella (“The Secret in Their Eyes”) helms English-language toon about shy, talented kid who turns around soccer team.
Sales: Film Factory Ent.

“Fresh Blood”
Production: Alta Realitat
Young woman’s life is transformed when she falls for vampire in Denise Castro’s debut.
Contact: Neo Art

“Frozen Silence”
Production: Tornasol Films/Castafiore Films/Leituvos Kino Studija
Intelligent thriller set among frozen steppes of 1943 Russia; stars Juan Diego Botto as soldier investigating serial killer.
Sales: Latido

“Game of Werewolves”
Production: Vaca/Telespan 2000
Genre spoof about writer who returns to home village to unwanted attention of eponymous beasts. Good comic cast.
Sales: Vertice

Production: Somuga/REC/ETB
Directors Asisko Urmeneta and Juanjo Elordi directed animation yarn about medieval minstrel.

“Ghost Graduation”
Production: Production: Mod Prod/Think Studio/Ikiru Films/Ciskul
Javier Ruiz Caldera follows up “Spanish Movie” with teacher with paranormal abilities helping ghosts graduate from college.
Sales: Film Factory Ent.

“Here and There”
Production: Aqui y Alli Films/Torch Films/Copa Films
Antonio Mendez’s Mexico-set emigration debut plays Critics’ Week.

Production: Pedro Costa/Tornasol/Castafiore/Argentina Sono
1950s-set drama about a jewel heist that morphs into political hot potato. Eduard Cortes (“The Pelayos”) helms.
Sales: Latido

“I Want You”
Production: Zeta Cinema/A3 Films/Cangrejo Films/Globo Media Cine
Fernando Gonzalez Molina’s continuation of blockbusting “3 Meters Above the Sky,” repeats with muscular Mario Casas and wispy Maria Valverde as lovers.
Sales: Imagina

Production: Vaca/Morena/Mandarin Cinema
Doctor returning from Iraq to hero’s welcome is plunged into an ethical dilemma in Daniel Calparsoro’s drama.
Sales: Filmax Intl.

“La Estrella”
Production: A Contraluz Films
Alberto Aranda debuts in empowerment drama about young woman struggling to control her own life. Ingrid Rubio, Carmen Machi star.

“Last Days”
Production: Morena/A3 Films/Rebellion Terrestre/Les Films du Lendemain
Alex and David Pastor (“Carriers”) offer more apocalyptic thrills with population in grip of agoraphobia. Leticia Dolera, Quim Gutierrez star.

Mariah Mundi and the Midas Box
Production: Emotion/Arcadia Motion Pictures
Jonathan Newman directs first installment of best-selling G.P. Taylor books.
Sales: Dreamcatchers

Production: Doble Films/Gaia Audiovisual
Gonzalo Tapia directs Michel Gaztambide (“No Rest for the Wicked”) scripted thriller about young man on self-discovery quest in Spanish Morocco.
Sales: Elena Manrique

“Nonstop to Brazil”
Production: Neo Art/Migdal Filmes/Robbins Ent.
Brad Anderson (“The Machinist”) to helm lush romantic fable about power of music to change lives.
Sales: Neo Art

“Operation E”
Production: Tormenta Films, Ajoz Films, Zircozine
Miguel Courtois’ (“Wolf”) thriller based on real-life events; stars Luis Tosar.
Sales: DeAPlaneta

Production: Les Filmes d’Antoine/Tobina/Roxbury
Juan Carlos Medina’s chiller about kids insensitive to pain.
Sales: Elle Driver

“Panda Eyes”
Production: Rainy Day Films, Tornasol, Film Agency for Wales
Isabel Coixet supernatural thriller is based on Cathy MacPhail’s novel “Another Me.”
Sales: Fox Intl. Production

“REC 3: Genesis”
Production: Filmax
Paco Plaza presses “REC” button at wedding for third installment of crowd-pleasing genre franchise.
Sales: Filmax Intl.

“Standby Lovers”
Production: El Deseo
Pedro Almodovar’s new comedy will shoot with ensemble cast this summer in Madrid.

“Tad: The Lost Explorer”
Production: Ikiru Films/Lightbox Ent/Telecinco Cinema/ El Toro Pics
Enrique Gato directed tooner about do-gooder Tadeo Jones.
Sales: Studiocanal

“Tasting Menu”
Production: Zentropa Spain/Subotica
Roger Gaul (“Smoking Room”) directs romantic ensemble comedy on love, food and Mediterranean life.
Sales: TrustNordisk

“The Artist and the Model”
Production: Fernando Trueba PC
Jean Rochefort, Aida Folch star in yarn about Spanish girl sparking desire in old sculptor.
Sales: 6 Sales

“The End”
Production: Mods/Apaches/A3 Films/Misent
Troubled past haunts gang of old friends in supernatural thriller helmed by Jorge Torregrossa.
Sales: Film Factory

“The Opposite of Love”
Production: Zeta Cinema/A3 Films
Vicente Villanueva-directed Spanish box office hit stars Hugo Silva, Adriana Ugarte, Alex Barahona.
Sales: DeAPlaneta

“The Wild Children”
Production: Distinto Films/TV3/Aralan Films
Patricia Ferreira’s socially committed drama about the disastrous effects of a bad education scooped best film prize at Malaga.

“Unit 7”
Production: Atipica Films/La Zanfona Prod/Sacromonte Films
Alberto Rodriguez (“7 Virgins”) depicts hard-hitting, drug-busting cop unit sent to clean streets of Seville. Antonio de la Torre and Mario Casas star.
Sales: Film Factory

Violeta Went to Heaven
Production: Wood Producciones/Maiz/Bossa Nova Films
Singer-songwriter Violeta Parra’s journey from poverty to prominence is subject of Andres Wood’s biopic. Sundance World Cinema Grand Jury prize.
Sales: Latido

Production: Perro Verde/Cromosoma/TVG
Ignacio Ferreras Goya-scooping animation drama based on Paco Roca comic.
Sales: 6 Sales

“Zip & Zap and the Marble Gang”
Production: Zeta/Mod/A3 Films/Kowalski
Oskar Santos’ child-friendly feature on eponymous twins.
Sales: Film Factory

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