SpielbergGolden Globes Nominations Day is Dec. 13 – two weeks from Thursday. Yep, it’s coming that fast. 

Looking ahead to the possible honorees, Variety breaks down the fresh-faced contenders in motion picture – drama, motion picture – musical or comedy and animation, as well as new entries in the TV races.

In addition, Iain Blair talked to members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Assn. about their most memorable interviews of the past year. Sample: Sacha Baron Cohen promoting “The Dictator”:

“We were in New York for his press conference and he arrived in costume, with two beautiful women dressed as combat-ready bodyguards,” reports Herve Tropea, who writes for TV Guide and Gala in France. “And before we could even ask him questions, he asked one of the journalists, ‘What is the length of your penis?’ Then he asked another one to ‘Please pull your pants down.’ And then he asked some of the HFPA ladies, ‘Are you a man or a woman? You look like a woman, except I see you have a mustache.’ It was just wild.”