MaxThe Variety Road to the Emmys feature coverage begins now with the online launch of our Emmy Preview section, the first of many we’ll have for you during the nominations period this month.

The highlight, as far as I’m concerned, are these letters to his favorite TV ladies from Schmidt, whom many of you will recognize from the Fox reality TV documentary “New Girl.” An excerpt:

Dear Carrie Matheson from “Homeland,”
Yo. You don’t know me. My name is Schmidt. Here are some reasons we should make love. No. 1: You are a CIA agent. No. 2: You cray cray, and I like. If you’re bi-polar, does that mean you’re bi-curious? Because, lucky you, I’m try-curious. You can take me to that crazy cabin in the woods, tack stuff to that wall, turn on some creepy jazz…I don’t care if you sneak into my house and put cameras up in all my business. Lithium? Lithi-yum. No. 3. Uh-oh, I got a bomb strapped to me. Uh-oh, it’s my junk. Boom! No. 4. It’s cool if Mandy Patinkin wants to watch. Honestly. Inigo Montoya? It would be an honor. And between you and me, I really loved his work in “Sunday in the Park With George,” especially the song “Finishing the Hat.” It’s about artists.
Knock, knock. It’s me wearing one of your pantsuits, you manic-depressive lil mama. Call me.

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