Diego Luna on Michael Pena in ‘End of Watch’

SAG Preview: Actors on Actors - Luna on Pena

Michael, in addition to possessing an incredible charisma, is the type of actor who doesn’t just act; he embodies his character, creating a palpable vivacity in every scene where the audience breathes the same air that nurtures his character. In every film he reflects a familiarity, a bewildering humanity that you can relate to.

He took on a complicated task in “End of Watch.” The entire film rests on a brotherhood filled with significance and everyday interaction. It’s a celebration of friendship, a declaration of love between two men who accompany each other every single day, who communicate without the need to look each other in the eye and selflessly complement one another.

It only took watching the scene after the wedding once they’ve had a few drinks to understand that a human being is complete only when given the opportunity to experience friendship as a concept in perpetuity.

With this film, Michael confirms once again that he is well-equipped to take on more and more ambitious roles each time, and that he can easily transition from drama to comedy without any difficulty, and always with great success.

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