Colin Firth on Emily Blunt in ‘Looper’

SAG Preview: Actors on Actors - Firth on Blunt

Emily Blunt has something that is much rarer in actors than it should be, and that is mystery, given that mystery is such a cherished commodity in a performer. And she has it in abundance.

One of the things that struck me watching “Looper” is that she makes such an impact on the film. You meet her halfway through movie. Is this a cameo? And yet as soon as she shows up, you’re rooting for her. But you’re also not quite sure about her: Is she menacing or sympathetic, a liar or genuine?

It’s good if actors can keep you guessing as to what they’re about, particularly with this film, which messes with your need for a protagonist. It is a festival of antiheroes until you meet Emily, a mother figure out there with her shotgun.

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