Cloris Leachman on Jack Black in ‘Bernie’

SAG Preview: Actors on Actors - Leachman on Black

Jack Black is a deliciously funny actor, but he didn’t fall into the many, many traps that were there in “Bernie.” He held it down when he could have gotten laughs. He didn’t. He never went for a laugh, and being the funny man that he is he could have created them even if the laughs weren’t there.

He kept it true and presented a very real character, who was so sweet and darling. His taste is just unerring.

Then when he killed the old woman, it was real. Very real. But every once in a while he would do something that would just kill me, make me laugh outloud, like at the end of the movie when he’s in jail and he walks away from the camera. You knew he’d be all right. And that walk! It was such a subtle thing. Oh, I just treasure this performance!

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