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Eye on the Oscars: Talent Roundup

“The Artist”

In a montage of takes from Peppy’s first scene in a movie, she’s supposed to be merely an extra and eye candy, but every time she dances up to heartthrob and silent movie star George Valentin, sparks fly. He can’t let go of her and they blow shot after shot.

“The Help”

Celia Foote is a terrible cook, so in order to impress her husband, she has her maid Minny (Spencer) prepare all their meals, but Celia takes all the credit. Finally, she hunkers down and cooks a meal for Minny, an unthinkably progressive gesture for the era.


Feeling quite randy on board a flight, Megan starts flirting with an unsuspecting air marshal and doesn’t have the common sense to take no for an answer. Megan proves that you don’t need the body of a supermodel to turn up the sexual heat, and all to thunderous laughter.

“Albert Nobbs”

After revealing their true genders to one another and discussing the possibility of marriage, the ordinarily exuberant Hubert falls stricken, delivering an eloquent, impassioned speech about the nature of love and loss, recalling the death of his/her own wife during a smallpox epidemic.

“The Help”

After being treated with contemptuous condescension by her employer, Hilly (Bryce Dallas Howard), who forces her to use an outhouse rather than avail herself of indoor plumbing, Minny bakes a pie filled with what no human should be ingesting — her smile feigning innocence, her eyes twinkling mischievously.

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