Although Oscar telecast honchos Brian Grazer and Don Mischer have been relatively tight-lipped about what viewers can expect to see on Sunday, the Academy just released production notes that provide a few more details.

Among the tantalizing tidbits:

–Production designer John Myhre promises that the staging of the production will maximize the showmanship that has gone into the theater’s design. “Sometimes, when Billy Crystal is introducing, he won’t even be standing on the stage. He’s going to sitting in the audience, in a box. He’s going to be enjoying the performance with us.”

–As Grazer and Mischer said at this year’s Oscar Nominees Luncheon, the telecast is designed to celebrate movies and the theatrical experience. “We wanted to recapture the feeling of seeing movies in a theater with hundreds of other people. Because that crowd often serves as a magnifier of how you feel. It’s the original social media,” Grazer says.

–Though it’s been fairly obvious as the presenters’ names have been trickling out, Grazer and Mischer say in the notes that keeping the telecast light is definitely a priority. “This year, we’re really stressing comedy. We have that with a number of our presenters. And we have that with Billy Crystal returning,” Mischer emphasizes.

–In keeping with the movie palace theme, the evening’s guests will be greeted by ushers and usherettes wearing uniforms designed by Paula Elins. “We’re incorporating all the many years of what it was like to go to the movies,” Elins explains. “Of when it was more formal, when you would go and be ushered to your seat.”