Zuiker pushes H’wood-Silicon Valley ties

'CSI' boss tells Ent-Tech Summit that better relations are needed

“CSI” creator Anthony Zuiker called on Hollywood to foster closer relationships with Silicon Valley to ensure the future vitality of the entertainment industry.

“It’s our responsibility to move these mediums forward by embracing where things are going,” he said in a one-on-one discussion with Medialink chairman-CEO Michael Kassan.

While best known for his TV work, Zuiker has been very active on the digital front recently between “Cybergeddon,” a long-form thriller he created for Yahoo, and Blackbox TV, a YouTube channel that will also showcase his work.

Zuiker touted the scale of digital platforms like Yahoo, which he estimates will put “Cybergeddon” in front of 50 million users day and date across the globe in 10 different languages. “Once you have the ability to control traffic, the promotability over the course of time and power of that reach far outweighs a billboard on Sunset (Boulevard),” he said.

Zuiker also hailed the creative freedom and speed that comes with producing for digital platforms instead of TV and film, which tend to have more chefs in the kitchen and time enmeshed in the bureaucracies of the business. While traditional Hollywood productions provide much bigger budgets, he conceded, the tradeoff is well worth it, according to Zuiker. “Why go through the studio system?” he said. “Let’s bypass that and recreate the ways movies are distributed.”