The Writers Guild of America East has set a partnership in several areas with the Black List, which recently launched a paid service allowing screenwriters to upload scripts to an online database for $25 per month.

Under the pact, WGA East members will receive a discount to host their work on the new Black List subscription site. The WGA and the Black List will launch an online initiative to publicize guild agreements and services, and guild representatives will contribute to the site’s blog.

WGA East members will also receive a 20% discount to have the Black List’s script readers review and offer notes on their work.

“The Black List makes it possible for screenwriters to get their work read and considered by people in the industry,” said Lowell Peterson, exec director of the WGA East. “We are proud to support this extension of the Black List concept. Screenwriters will get solid evaluations of their work and broader access to decisionmakers. At the same time, we will continue to get the word out about the guild’s central role in representing writers.”

The Black List announced the script uploading initiative and the evaluation service on Oct. 16.

The Black List began as a survey of several dozen executives’ favorite unproduced scripts. Over 200 scripts that have appeared on the annual Black List have been produced as films released for the domestic market.