Warner Bros. Digital Distribution had a big “never mind” moment last week when it released a new app with the tantalizing title “Day After U.S.”

The offering seemed to mark a 180-degree turn in the studio’s approach to making its hit shows available via digital platforms.

The app promised to offer users access via paid streaming or download to new episodes of Warner Bros. TV hits “The Big Bang Theory,” “Gossip Girl” and “The Vampire Diaries,” the day after episodes premiere in the U.S. The availability of a handful of newer episodes was meant to entice viewers to buy full seasons of shows.

As soon as the app went live, the next-day access immediately struck tech bloggers and others as a big deal for the studio.

Only problem was, the app was meant to be available only to users in Europe’s Benelux region, comprising Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. Hours after the app was released, Warner Bros. became aware that it was configured to work in the U.S. The studio quickly yanked it from the App Store and plans to re-release it today, with strict Euro boundaries firmly in place.

According to WB, the app also makes the pilot episodes of the three shows available for free — but only in the 29,000 or so square miles covered by the Benelux territories.