Video Game Awards celebrates 10th anni

Spike TV's kudocast marks milestone with a little help from celeb friends

When it came to the tenth anniversary of Spike TV’s Video Game Awards, the cabler spared no expense in celebrating the kudocast’s milestone.

Complete with an original intro by the “South Park” gang, a slew of celebs including host Samuel L. Jackson, Jessica Alba and Jonathan Gelecki, perfs from Tenacious D and Lincoln Park, and a stage made to resemble a futuristic colosseum, producers Mark Burnett and Casey Patterson were determined to set this production apart from past VGAs.

“We tried to make it look like the Galactic Senate from ‘Star Wars,” said Burnett. “And what can be wrong with Linkin Park, Tenacious D and the full orchestra of performing the themes of all the best games of the year?”

This year, the kudocast was streamed live internationally via X-box LIVE, which also allowed auds to “play” the VGAs. Responses to polls, questions and comments were screened live during the show, allowing the producers to interact with the audience.

“The X-Box LIVE element is very important to this show in making it special,” said Burnett. “In two or three years, you will see a lot of network shows using X-Box LIVE as well. The idea that you can be on a headset watching a show, yet communicating with people in Berlin, London and Tokyo while watching the show is what global entertainment is all about.”

“This show has become a global conversation, and this year, the fans are in control. They are directing it through Twitter and X-Box, and only The great Mark Burnett would not be intimidated by it,” said Patterson.

Also on-hand to pass out the vidgame kudos and celebrate with the nerd herd was Zachary Levi, Snoop Lion, “The Walking Dead’s” Norman Reedus, Danai Gurira, and Steven Yeun, Adam Scott and Zoe Saldana.